HyveCamp at GYC Europe 2019


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Since GYC believes in young people starting ministries / businesses to advance God’s work, we have elegantly integrated HyveCamp into the GYC Europe conference 2019 with a business hackathon. HyveCamp’s goal is to build a community of innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and business owners within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Here is how it works:

The Hyvecamp business hackathon will be elegantly integrated into the GYC Europe conference 2019. It will start with the initial pitches on Wednesday evening at 21:00 and conclude at the commitment service with the three pitch winners on Sunday morning. A business hackathon is an opportunity for you (and many others who wish to) to pitch your business/ministry idea in 1 minute.

1. To begin, every GYC participant who so desires can submit a pitch request. The deadline for submission is 7 days after registration closes.
2. Next, the Hyvecamp jury will decide on the 20 best pitches to be presented at the first evening and communicate this to all who requested to do a pitch.
3. These 20 will then present their pitch on Wednesday evening at 21:00 within 1 minute using PowerPoint/Keynote presentation, followed by 1 minute of questions from mentors.
4. Once everyone has presented, all participants will get to vote for the one idea (other than their own) they think is the “million dollar” idea and to which they would like to contribute if their own is not chosen.
5. The 7 ideas receiving the most votes from participants and mentors will be further developed in the ‘Hyvecamp workshops’ throughout the remainder of the conference. Teams will be formed around the winning ideas. Additionally, 5-7 other participants from the conference who have voted for the chosen ideas will be joining each team for the workshop slots, and “your team” will help you develop your idea. Hyvecamp will also offer mentoring and best practice talks that will help your team refine their ideas.
6. Finally, the revised pitches will be presented after the Sabbath evening program around 20:30, this time with a refined slideshow and a 3-minute slot.
7. On Sunday morning, the 3 best pitches will present their business/ministry ideas to the GYC audience with another 3-minute slot. These will also receive a prize to assist in the implementation of the winning idea!

Don’t be sad if your idea is not chosen. Rather, as a community of like-minded individuals, we want to support each other and rejoice in each other’s success; what we learn through this process will also help us improve our own ideas.
You will want to be part of the development of these new innovations. Start thinking about the idea you would like to present at the upcoming GYC Europe conference and submit it here.

How to prepare my pitch for the Business Hackathon?

Many of you might ask, how you should go about pitching your idea so that it will be one of the 7 chosen ones. Read carefully, here is the answer:

What should your 1-minute pitch contain?
  • Make sure you can explain your product idea / the problem you are solving understandably in one sentence. Most people have a hard time doing this, which shows that more time needs to be spent on developing the concept. If you need to bring the product itself, or use an illustration to make it tangible, please do so.
  • Identify your target customer segment and how you will solve their problem.
  • Present yourself and team, and why you are meant to do this. (Tell your story. Make it personal. Briefly explain why you have a burden for this. Do you have the same problem that you are wanting to solve for others?)
  • Present the size of the financial/mission opportunity (how big is the market, and how much of that pie can you cut off).
  • Make sure you use the last 10 seconds to say what you are lacking and wanting to accomplish during the hackathon, and what kind of people you need in your team (Do you need a logo, brand, business model, marketing, or sales network, experts in the field? etc.)

Here are a few things that investors/mentors might ask in the minute following your pitch, if you haven’t shared them yet:

  • Who are your competitors? Never say “I don’t have any competitors”. Companies that work in the same field, even if they don’t have something identical to what you have – those are your competitors.
  • What is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? This means, what distinguishes you from the competition, and how can you ensure that others won’t copy you?
  • What is your business model/financial model? This question is another way of asking: how will you make money? Is it a subscription model, a one-time payment, added value, etc.? Add here the actual proposed pricing.
  • What is your missional model? How will you make the world a better place through your business or ministry?

General Tips

  • The further along you are in the development of the idea, and the more the effort that has gone into it, the better it is. So, if you have invested a lot of time / money into it, it’s good to mention it. (It gives the impression that it’s real, and not just an idea). If you already have sales of your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), then those numbers speak volumes.
  • If you have anything (sales preferably, surveys, etc.) to prove that people are actually interested in your product and willing to pay for it, then you really want to add it to your pitch, since this very point shows that your idea is not just a “genius idea” or “hypothesis”, but a fact based on the market’s desires.
  • As far as possible, don’t read your pitch. Learn it by heart if necessary.
  • Make sure you have timed yourself. Many others will be pitching as well, and everyone will be diligently stopped as soon as the minute is over.

Pitch Deck Guide
We want to help you get ready for your pitch by providing you with two useful documents:

  1. In the below document, you will find an outline with many useful tips on how to develop your pitch successfully. You will not have time to address each point on this canvas, but you should have answers to each and select the most important.
    View the document

  2. FasttrackVC* – one of Hyvecamp’s sponsors – has developed useful tips on how to do a great powerpoint. It’s good to use something visual for the participants to be able to follow along easily. The first 1-minute pitch powerpoint should have around 5-10 slides. View the document
    FasttrackVC is a Venture Capital Firm founded and run by Ruben Dias.

Want to participate?

Sign up your ministry / business idea  here!

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We encourage everybody to register as soon as possible to take advantage for the new standard price available until the 20th of June. God has blessed and therefore we were able to lower the prices. Here below you can see the prices for young adults.

Early bird


Was available until 15th of May



Available until the 20th of June

Late registration


Available until the 10th of July
(free T-shirt not included)

Are you younger that 18 years old? Then you will need to attend this conference with another attendee aged 21 years or older. Older than 35? 45 EUR is added to the applicable registration price. For more info on our Minor and Chaperone policy see our FAQ page. 

Are you a youth director or are you organizing a large group to come to this years GYC Europe conference? Please contact our logistic team at [email protected] for further info and assistance regarding logistics. 


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Alfandega do Porto

Porto, Portugal


Full meal plan

Six vegan meals at 59 EUR.

Individual meals

Select individual meals at 11,50 EUR per meal.

Arrange your own meals

Shop at a local grocery store or simply go to a near by restaurant.

The full plan includes six vegan meals: lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is possible to purchase individual meals in the registration form. Meals can not be purchased on site. No breakfast is included. If you choose not to purchase a meal plan, you can take advantage of the many restaurants and stores in the area.


If you are sеarching for accommodation for thе duration of thе Confеrence, plеase click thе link below to chеck out thе sеcrеt hotеl dеals we nеgotiated spеcially for you! Thеre you can find a wide range of housing choices, from hostеls to 4-5* hotеls, closе to thе Alfândega Congrеss Centrе Porto. Just usе the filters to find the pеrfect housing option that fits your neеd.

Click here to search for hotel deals!

Here are also some other options - see more details for each below:

1. Colégio Adventista de Oliveira do Douro (Adventist School) - 4 - 6 € per person, per night. Only 100 spaces - make reservations through [email protected] 

2. Theory Nomad - from 15 € to 25 € per person, per night - reference code "GYC Conference"

3. Garden House Hostel  - 24 € per person, per night. Located in the middle of the old town make reservation at [email protected]

We continue to work on getting cheaper housing in facilities nearby. No guarantees! But we are working on it. Check back here regularly to see our progress.

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Colégio Adventista de Oliveira do Douro (Adventist School)

There is opportunity to stay at the Colégio Adventista de Oliveira do Douro, a cheaper accommodation option located 5.3km from the Alfandega Conference Centre. Sleeping space in the school classrooms and showers are provided for 4 - 6 € per night per person. You will need to provide sleeping equipment and make arrangements for breakfast.

Colégio Adventista de Oliveira do Douro
Rua do Jorgim, 166
Oliveira do Douro
4430-436 Vila Nova de Gaia

To book a space, please email [email protected] to request a booking form. Note that spaces are limited, reservations will be made on the first come - first served bases.
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Garden House Hostel 

Located in the heart of the old city, Garden House Hostel is a 30 mins walk away from the conference centre and offers shared dorm rooms, breakfast and free Wifi. Prices are at 24 € per person, per night. If you are interested in reserving a bed, please email [email protected].

Note that spaces are limited, reservations will be made on the first come - first served bases.

Theory Nomad

The Theory Nomad International Hostel offers affordable rooms located 40 mins walk away from the Alfandega conference centre. Part of accomodation proceeds are also donated to furthering the gospel. 

When booking, quote reference code "GYC Conference", to ensure proceeds go towards mission!

Bookings can be made online, via email
or on Whatsapp (00351 93457 0786).