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Choose a ticket with the full meal plan

Included in the full meal plan is lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Sabbath.

The price of the full meal plan in 95,00 EUR.

Customize your meals

In the next section you will be able to select individual meals.

Individual meals are priced at 18,50 EUR per meal.

Arrange your own meals

Rather bring your own meal pack? Alfandega de Porto is also situated in the down town Porto area. Many restaurants and convenience stores are near by.

The primary language spoken at this event will be English. If you need translation into another language please tell us which one. Please note that not all translations will be provided

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Be a part of the conference by helping out. This conference only works because of volunteers like you. Would you want to Volunteer? *

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Volunteer to the make most of your experience

Volunteers play a huge role in helping GYC function and run smoothly. Please let us know if you would you be willing to assist with any of the following roles: 

I can translate into...

I would like to be part of the choir

The time and location for the choir rehearsal will be announced in the program.

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If other, please specify:

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Minors and Chaperones

Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a chaperone. The chaperone must be 21 years or older and agree to take responsibility of the minor during the conference. If the chaperone is 35 years or older, he can avoid the adult surcharge by chaperoning a minor. Please keep this in mind when selecting your ticket type.

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All meals at this event will be vegan. If you have additional requirements please let us know in the next section

Select your Meals

You have not chosen a ticket that includes the full meal plan. Here you can purchase individual meals. Each meal costs 18,50 EUR.

Thursday 18th
Friday 19th
Sabbath 20th

Questions for Q&A Workshop: Do you have a Bible question you always wanted an answer to? Is there a specific Bible passage you never really understood? Please tell us about it

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Question for Q&A Workshop

Have you been reading in your Bible and found something that you want to ask about? Is there a Bible passage that you find dificult to understand? Or maybe you want some tips for Bible study? Submit your questions here.

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