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The full meal plan includes vegan lunch and dinner on Friday and Sabbath.

The full meal plan costs 40,00 EUR.

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Individual meals are priced at 10 EUR.

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If you choose not to purchase a meal plan, you can take advantage of the many restaurants and stores in the area.

 Please note that if you are unable to pay at the registration desk, unfortunately, you would not be able to add meals 

The primary language spoken at this event will be English.If needed, please state the language would like to hear the program in.Translation would cost an additional 5 EUR

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You have not chosen a ticket that includes the full meal plan. Here you can purchase individual meals. Each meal costs 10 EUR.

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Chaperoning minors
Attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a chaperone. The chaperone must be 21 years or older and agree to take responsibility for the minor during the conference.

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Volunteers play a huge role in helping GYCE function and run smoothly. Please let us know if you would you be willing to assist with any of the following roles: 

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